ways to prevent avoid water pollution Water is no doubt one of the most precious sources present on this planet. No living thing can ever exist without it. Therefore, we have to be very serious about the issue of water pollution that is rising with the passage of time. All our daily activities are based on water. It is obligatory for us to preserve this valuable source for our future generations.


Causes of water pollution

There are a number of ways through which we are polluting water. Some of the causes behind the phenomenon of water pollution include:

  • Discarding of litters

Some of the waste materials like plastics, Styrofoam, glasses, and aluminum are causing serious damage to the oceans. If we dispose these materials into water ways and oceans, it will cause water pollution. To decompose these substances, a long period of time is required. Styrofoam takes more than righty years to decompose. Similarly plastic takes almost 400 years, and aluminum takes 200 years. Aren’t we making our own lives miserable by discarding litters into the ocean?

  • Nuclear wastes

Though we are developing technologically, we are destroying our planets with our own hands. Nuclear wastes, underground storage, and atmospheric deposition are contributing a lot in water pollution. The oil depot and chemicals that are being disposed off into oceans and streams are killing the water life and destroying the most important source for us.

avoid & prevent water pollution environment

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How to avoid water pollution

It has become very essential for us to take certain steps in order to make earth a better place to live. If you follow some of the below tips, you surely are going to add your part into saving this planet from destruction.

1.   Avoid littering

Do not throw away the waste materials into rivers, oceans, or lakes. Think before discarding the chemicals into water that they are going to kill the ocean life. The detergents and soaps are also playing a very major part in increasing water pollution.

2.   Non toxic cleaning materials

It is strongly suggested to use non-toxic material for all of your kitchen utensils and cleaning items. Make sure that you get non-toxic soaps and other cleaning material for your daily use.

3.   Organic farming techniques

All the farmers must adapt the organic techniques for planting agricultural products. This will also help to improve the health of the people that are going to use those products. Pesticides and insecticides have made it difficult for us to maintain a good health. If we use natural products, they will surely add to our good health. Beware, earth is our home and it is our duty to keep it clean!


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