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From the healing spas and hot springs of Edipsos, Greece, to sacred water temples in Sardinia, Italy, to the mystical waters of India’s Ganges River, we as earthlings have curated a long-standing love affair with water and it’s beneficial properties.

Yes, all water is inherently good for you but not all water affects you equally. You’ve probably been told there’s a time and place for everything. Well, the same goes for water – believe it or not!


Sometimes it really is better for you to grab a cold/warm glass of H2O than a big bottle of seltzer and here’s why.

According to some resident nutritionists, still water is better than carbonated after strenuous activity and exercise. The fizzy bubbles can tickle the throat and make you feel full quickly, forcing you to take smaller sips and preventing you from getting enough to drink.

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But don’t count out the value of sparkling water just yet. A recent Journal of Nutrition study showed that sparkling mineral water could significantly lower the risk of developing heart disease in women. Not too shabby when you consider the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States is heart disease.


Sometimes certain minerals that are naturally found in drinking water can make it taste a certain way. Don’t worry; this is totally normal. And if the taste really bothers you, try experimenting with different filtered water solutions like a filtered cooler or faucet attachment. Sometimes distilled water can even be the answer.

Distilled water is water that is free from all minerals and electrolytes. However, drinking only distilled water on a regular basis is not recommended because one of the natural sources for minerals your body has is drinking water! But mineral content isn’t the only factor playing into the benefits of water.

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Something as simple as temperature can make a huge difference how your body uses the water, too. Your body absorbs cold water quicker than warm water, making it ideal to drink if you’re feeling really dehydrated—just stick to small sips or you’ll get sick. Of course, if you’re severely dehydrated the best way to rehydrate is intravenously at the hospital.

Just because it’s colder doesn’t make it better though. Warm water is terrific to drink if you’ve got time to kill before a meal and can’t keep your stomach quiet. Warm water will also give you that full feeling without eating food because it fills your belly better than cold water. It’s also a great liquid cleanser as your body processes it quickly.


Now that you’ve got the lowdown on different water types, how much of it do you need to drink per day? Some studies say that the recommended eight 8-oz glasses per day may be a little superfluous but a good rule of thumb is to always drink at least six to eight 8-oz glasses of water every day.

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So now you have a good idea of what kind of water to drink and when, get out there, get active and don’t forget to drink up!


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Kali is a Philadelphia native who loves to be outside, enjoys live music and is always cooking up a storm. She has a passion for clean water and horror movies. Kali is writing for Quench, a nationwide provider of bottleless water coolers offering a healthy, greener and more economical alternative to traditional plastic jug water coolers.

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