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There is no doubt that going green and adapting to a new way of eco-friendly living is taking the world by storm. Going green was once thought as a way of life for hippies or “tree huggers”. Over the last few years we’ve seen nearly every business from politics to technology begin implementing eco-friendly methods.


Why go green?

Why should we adapt to living an eco-friendly lifestyle? To really understand the importance of eco-friendly living we need to take a look at the problems we face. One of the biggest factors we face as a world is the fact that our population is skyrocketing! The U.S. Census predicts that by 2050 our population will be around 9 billion. Earth is slowly being put under more and more pressure as our population requires more to survive. Unfortunately our planet doesn’t have an infinite supply of natural resources. We’ve depleted some of them already! These natural resources are finite; they won’t be renewed for us to use again. For this reason it is essential that we take action to prevent the worst from happening. Converting to eco-friendly living will help us protect our planet and ensure the future generations will be able to survive.


How can I start?

If you are ready to begin your new eco-friendly living style then you’ve made an excellent decision in choosing this guide! The purpose of this exclusive 3 part series is to teach you how to begin making green decisions now, not later. This first part of the series will highlight why you should go green to improve yourself and 6 steps on how to do it. Series two will be all about turning each room of your home into something that will compliment your new eco-friendly living style. Series three will outline how to turn your garage, garden and lawn into an eco-friendly area. It will also delve into tips on going green at work and even on vacation.

Source: Mark Lowerson & Van Cong Tu


Why You Should Green Yourself

One of the most wonderful benefits of adapting to eco-friendly living is being able to improve your health. Let’s take a look at the top 6 health benefits of green living.


1)   Improve your heart’s health

2)   Eat healthier food that is free from chemicals

3)   Breathe easier because of clean air

4)   Protect yourself from dangerous household chemicals

5)   Improved fitness from walking or bike riding

6)   Increase resistance to disease and illness


How to do it!

 Let’s take a look at how you can implement each of the 6 steps above right now!


1)   Protect your heart by strengthening it with cardiovascular exercise.

Source: Susánica Tam

Take the first step by opting out from taking your car and ride a bike instead!

Tomorrow spend 10 minutes on your bike riding around.


2)   Take the first step towards eating a healthy diet the next time you are grocery shopping.

Source: Flickr - Muffet

Rather than buying prepackaged foods stock up on whole foods like vegetables and fruits.

For your next meal substitute a salad for a side dish or a fruit salad for dessert.


3)   Next time you paint your house make sure to use a non-toxic, low VOC paint.

Source: Flickr - sujal

You and your family will be protected from paint fumes that can leach out over years!

KnowYourEarth recommends: Premium Green Zero VOC acrylic latex paint


4)   Throw away those harsh cleaning chemicals and opt for safe, non-toxic ones.

Not only will it protect your skin, but also your furniture and reduce toxic fumes in the air.

KnowYourEarth reccomends: Odorless Organic All Purpose Cleaners


5)   Begin spending 10 minutes every day exercising.

Source: Susánica Tam

Start by just taking a walk around the block or doing a little yoga.

You can increase the time you exercise as your fitness improves.


Prevent the chances of getting sick by staying away from using harsh chemicals. Many household products we use can attract bad bacteria and lower our immune systems. Get rid of harsh cleaners, disposable diapers and stop drinking from plastic water bottles!

 KnowYourEarth reccomendsReusable Diaper System by gDiapers, and Green Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stay tuned for Greener Pastures: A Guide to Creating an Eco-Friendly Life (Part 2) to learn how to positively upgrade your home to accommodate your new eco-friendly living style! While you’re all waiting, Register for an account, become a Subscriber, and read many more great articles at the Green Magazine Blog Community!

Part two in the series is here! Read it here:

Featured Photo: Alberbury and Shropshire plain (E Gammie) / CC BY-SA 2.0

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